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September 18, 2008 by

Still to come yet this week…

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing the team from DOCCENTER, fresh from their visit to the DEMO Conference(Don’t forget to vote for them here:  DOCCENTER on It will be exciting to get Todd & the team’s feedback from the experience of the conference as well as find out what’s next.

Also, the interview we did with Gary Vaynerchuk is yet to come…we’re THRILLED that he’s on board for next year’s BIG OMAHA conference. SO much energy during yesterday’s Web2.0 Conference yesterday where he was a keynote speaker.  Man we can’t wait!

Lastly, there’s a whole list of exciting things happening in Omaha over the next few days including but not limited to:

Omaha Lit Fest

Nomad’s Omaha Fashion Week

LOOM @ Heartland of America Park and more!

Stay tuned for more and a big THANK YOU to our readers!

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