Congrats BrightMix!

So many of you may know, but for those that do not, the real “bits & bytes” behind Silicon Prairie News is due in part to Dusty Davidson and his amazing team at BrightMix.

BrightMix was highlighted in Monday’s edition of the Money Section —  and the article just scratches the surface in its description of not only where originated from, but where they’re headed.

Dusty, his business partner Kevin Zink, and the entire team at BrightMix are such visionaries.  Very progressive and forward thinking individuals that when I first met them it was a natural fit to work on a project like Silicon Prairie News.

There isn’t a vast array of tech/entrepreneural minded businesses in the Greater Omaha area similar to what you’d see in The Valley, NYC, Boston or elsewhere and when you have the opporutnity to work with BrightMix, you know that Omaha has a hidden gem that is quickly gaining exposure nationwide.

Kuddos to the BrightMix team and thank you for all your support and hard work in making Silicon Prairie News what it is today!

We look forward to covering your next year and building Omaha into a top notch city for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation!


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