SPN interviews Greg Chambers and Brian Smith of Mad Gringo

So after hearing lots of buzz about this company called “Mad Gringo“, SPN had to investigate…

After sending a note to learn more, we found out that “Mad Gringo” is the voice in your head that rises up three days into your vacation and tells you to stay on vacation. Find a way to stay in Mexico or on that tropical island. Just make it happen! Don’t go back to work!

Greg Chambers had that experience in Mexico and returned to Omaha, determined to find a way to satisfy that desire. He decide to pursue an interest in clothing, quit his banking job and developed Mad Gringo’s apparel line. Mad Gringo is now available online and in approximately 70 retail stores nationwide.

We had the chance to sit down with MadGringo’s Founder, Greg Chambers and Brian Smith, whose been involved in a variety of projects in Omaha over the years for a in-depth interview.

Check out the interview below and as a special bonus for SPN readers, when you’re finished head over to Mad Gringo and use the special coupon code of “mad4spn” to take 50% off all t-shirts!

Thanks MadGringo Team for a great interview and we look forward to following up on your upcoming successes!