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…and we’re back!


So the Silicon Prairie News team is back from a long trip to Austin for the 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival. I’m still compiling many of my initial thoughts as the lack of rest and overwhelming number of options to choose from has left us all a little spent.

In a few words however, the experience was amazing. One that everyone should experience. It wasn’t amazing simply for the events, panel or parties, although each of those activities proved to be worthy.

What was amazing about the entire event was the level of excitement, motivation and passion shared by close to 10,000 people who descend on Austin each year.

I ran across a review in which I feel it sums up the thoughts quite well…

I’m going to can look at what marches on: excitement and itch I feel when March approaches, the joy at arriving amidst all the wonderful friends I’ve made, the passion we have for this time together and the role it plays in the rest of our lives. Most of all, I think of the profound gratitude I have towards South by Southwest for giving me the life I celebrate today.

Yes, I am tired, the kind that comes from shouting at the sky, the kind that needs a full year of thought and recovery just to be able to dream it all up again next March. But not the kind that is too sick of it all to say thank you.

I know I speak for the entire SPN team when I say that we have come back motivated, encouraged and ready to continue promoting the immensely innovative entrepreneurs and creative class in Omaha and the Midwest.

And by the way…there’s a great buzz about the upcoming Big Omaha Conference this coming May. We met with many of the leaders in the space over the last few days who are very interested in what’s brewing in the Midwest. The nation is watching us…let’s show them what we have and collective launch some exciting new ideas!

More to come soon including some great interviews with some of the industry’s leading innovators and additional thoughts.

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