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Name our mascot, win a ticket to Big Omaha

Mr. Prairie DogWith Big Omaha just weeks away, it’s time to give our furry little friend a first name as he’ll be in the spotlight hosting some of the nation’s top innovators and entrepreneurs.

I mean, seriously, when a blogger sticks a camera in his face and says, “What’s your name?” He’ll be in a pickle.

So, here’s where you and a free ticket to BIG Omaha come in:

1. Think really hard. Mr. Prairie Dog is looking for a cool and catchy name. 2. By April 27th, add your entry in a comment below, filling in the blank: ___________ the Prairie Dog. 3. Check back April 29th when the winner will be announced.

Digging into the details:

– Mr. Prairie Dog is male, so please be nice, he’s not a Patsy. – Contest ends at midnight April 27th. – You may submit as many entries as you’d like. – If you win, we’ll give you a code to use to redeem your ticket, and if you’ve already purchased a ticket, we’ll refund the cost of your ticket. – The winning ticket is non-transferable. – The mascot’s name becomes property of Silicon Prairie News, but the post will remain in our archives to give you credit.

And remember, tickets are going fast and the price is going up. Buy your ticket today and submit a kick ass name to earn a refund on the 29th.

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