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Big Omaha 2009…our thoughts


Well, it’s probably not THE final word, but we wanted to share some of our thoughts on Big Omaha

In short, we’re absolutely amazed, humbled and optimistic about the event we call Big Omaha.  As we mentioned before it’s crazy to see how an idea that was initially thrown out there last August, then went live in late February, has now morphed into what many are calling the area’s freshest and most innovative new event to connect with the best & brightest from the region…all right here in Omaha!

This all started when I contacted Dusty Davidson last summer with the idea to launch a site, Silicon Prairie News, which would focus on telling the story about our city’s unique innovators, entrepreneurs and folks that would consider themselves part of the “creative class”.  I don’t think either one of us had a firm grasp on how widely accepted the concept would be.  I am amazed, but honestly not surprised, at the way our region has grouped together behind the events we produce and help organize, but also the way people are encouraged & motivated by the stories they read on Silicon Prairie News each month.

So after holding a few events last year and was seeing awesome support and turnout, I had a thought…”hey, let’s do something bigger!”  We enjoyed hearing hearing Gary Vaynerchuk’s take on business, reading about Threadless in Inc. Magazine and being inspired by 37 Signals’s work.  Wouldn’t it be rad to harness the energy and drive of these guys and bring them into our town so not only would we get a kick in the pants, but be able to build the community and allow for some awesome conversations and stories to be told…right here in the Midwest.

Fast forward to May 9th, 2009…wow, how time flies and words don’t do justice to how both Dusty and I feel after months of work, with a collection of great folks behind us, in putting together what we feel was something that was so needed for our community.

YOU supported Big Omaha, YOU built Big Omaha into what it was and will be — YOU are the reason Big Omaha and Silicon Prairie News exists!  So a huge thank you goes to YOU, the community, the sponsors, the volunteers, the attendees, the innovators & creatives, those who are passionate about what you believe in and who are building amazing businesses, products, nonprofits and more day after day!

On one hand I want to do it all over again tomorrow, well maybe in a few months, on the other hand we’re fired up to continue this energy right through the rest of 2009 and up until Big Omaha 2010.  Yes, you heard right, we’ll be releasing tentative dates for 2010 shortly and look forward to seeing all of you there!

Again, thank you for making Big Omaha an overwhelming success and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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