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As I shared last week, we’ve changed our approach to the wrap up, and instead of highlighting the coverage of only traditional media we’re including your blog posts that spark our interest, too. This change of focus is to encourage blogging in our city and region – by the way, who’d be up for a bloggers meet up sometime this summer? Count me in!

Interests of Last Week:

Big Omaha:

5/12 – In All Reality: Big Omaha: At A Glance

5/12 – Managing The Edge: Live From Big Omaha – Episode 14

5/12 – The Social Lites: Overheard in Omaha

5/12 – User Interface Design: “Just Do It!” At Big Omaha

5/13 – LightThread Blog: Big Fun, Big Crowds at Big Omaha

5/13 – Now Direction: Big Omaha: Jason Fried

5/13 – Spiral16: BIG Omaha: Video blog

5/14 – Girls in Tech: Girls in Tech Omaha Officially Active

5/14 – Salva O’Renick: Six Strategies To Keep Your Innovative Fire Power From Fizzling Out

5/14 – Tawheed Kader: Why I fell in love with Omaha (#BIGOmaha)

5/14 – Yahoo! Developer Network Blog: Big Lights, Big Omaha


5/14 – Star Telegram: Hawaiin shirts have been the casualwear mainstay through the decades (Mad Gringo)

Events of Next Week:

5/19 – YPC Community Round Table

Whether you participated in the YP Bus Challenge or not, we want to know your thoughts on transportation in the Omaha metro area. Join other young professionals from across the metro to sound off about all aspects of public and alternative forms of transportation in Omaha.

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