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With a website, What Cheer answers the question: Why do you live in Omaha?

iliveinomahaSo, why do you live in Omaha? John Henry Müller, owner of What Cheer, a local web design studio, hopes to get people to answer that question. And thanks to last week’s launch of iliveinomaha.com, John Henry’s got plenty of answers.

“There are many reasons to live in Omaha and in an age where it is possible to go just about anywhere, many residents make a conscious choice to live here,” said John Henry. “I wanted to illustrate that.”

In a press release, John Henry shared that he was inspired by Twitter and the work of Jonathan Harris, and that What Cheer created the site as a public forum for residents to brag about their city and connect as a community.

“What’s been interesting is that the site is a completely grass roots project spread by word of mouth only and in three days we had more than 1,000 visitors and over 100 unique reasons for why people live here,” he said.

With 120 characters, participants are sharing their favorite restaurants or attractions, education or employement history, and, of course, love stories. And some are even sharing the unexpected. To keep things positive and family friendly, every post is first approved by the team at What Cheer (they say their analysts are working around the clock). In addition, T-shirts are available for purchase on the site, with all profits going to the Omaha Community Foundation Fund for Omaha grant program.

The site is simple and easy to use – participants just need to enter their reason, name, email address and add a picture (optional).

We’re excited about this and we encourage you to check it out. If you’re not from Omaha and you’re wondering if you can participate, here’s their answer from their PMATQ (People Might Ask These Questions) page:

I don’t live in Omaha, can I write a reason? No.

Please??? Okay. As long as you are speaking from personal experience.

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