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Need beta testers? We can help!

Is your startup looking for beta testers for its newest product or service? If so, please contact me at danny@siliconprairenews.com. SPN would be happy to connect you with our audience.

We’ll need a description of your startup and the product or service you’ll be releasing – make sure to tell us its basic features and target market as well as its competitors and how it differentiates itself. But if you feel that that is too much information to share on SPN at time of beta, we can work with you to write an appropriate announcement.

Also, year-round we’d like to receive your press releases and announcements or be notified of a new blog post about your startup’s latest happenings. From a product launch to a round of funding, we’d like to cover it.

Thanks for your part in growing the entrepreneur and tech startup community in the Midwest!

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