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SPN interviews Emily Kaminski of Emily’s Project


When Inc. magazine’s January issue hit the newsstands with the cover story “And the Money Comes Rolling In,” I didn’t wait a day to share it with my friends. “Check out the subheading,” I’d exclaim, “[Plenty of Fish founder] Markus Frind works one hour a day and brings in $10 million a year. How does he do it? He keeps things simple.”

I’ve learned I wasn’t the only one with this reaction. Emily Kaminski’s husband, Charles, finished the article and said to her, “Why can’t I do something like this?” Emily recollected.

What followed their conversation was an endeavor by Emily that I’d argue has tuned out a bit more altruistic than Frind’s. In February, she began working on EmilysProject.com, a site where she hopes to create a community that will help each other lower health care costs as well as share knowledge with each other about health insurance, programs, and resources.

“It’s pretty complicated, even if you’re healthy.” Emily said in our interview, “I’m a healthy person, and I get confused and tripped up.”

In fact, it was a confusing incident the previous year that brought Emily to take action. After learning her prescription would cost $55 to fill, she called two other pharmacies and received two lower quotes, $41 and $18. “So, I started to look around and see if you could find that information out on the Internet.” Her search turned no results, and after encouragement from her husband, who she calls an entrepreneur as well, she began her research.

Check out my interview with Emily to hear about her goals for and success stories from Emily’s Project, her experience participating in our Creative Capital Pitch Session I and II, and her latest idea, AskMyDadOmaha.com.

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