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SPN interviews Sali Sasaki and Jay Corless of Cities x Design


Here’s an interview I’m really excited to release into the public! About a month ago, I got an email from Sali Sasaki of Design Explorers / Cities x Design stating that she and partner Jay Corless would be in Omaha in two days and wanted to know if Dusty and I would have time to connect with them to discuss Big Omaha as well as the emerging creative class in Omaha.

Cities x Design is a 35-city trans-media research trip across the United States that is recorded online and will later be released in film, exhibition and book form. Through visits, observations and interviews Cities x Design will examine, during this time of economic instability and questioning about America’s future, the connections between cities, local culture and people in the United States. It will highlight how investing in design can change perceptions, boost economies and create unique places.

I was honored for Sali and Jay to not only pick Omaha, but have a strong interest in what the Big Omaha event meant to not only our city, but the broader community.

Having the opportunity to talk with industry experts and individuals who have definitely seen their fair share of innovative and creative cities was a true honor. I only wished we had more time to connect, but the short amount of time we had was amazingly motivational as well as encouraging.

Take a listen to what they had to say about their travels as well as their views and takeaways on our great city!

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