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SXSW 2010 panel voting is live!


South by Southwest Interactive…a phrase you’ll hear us talking about a lot over the next few months! This is one event we suggest you plan on attending…

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of interactive, film, and music festivals and conferences that takes place every spring in Austin, Texas. SXSW began in 1987 and is centered in the downtown Austin Convention Center. Each of the three parts run relatively independent, with different start and end dates. The one of most importance to SPN is SXSW Interactive, which is slated for March 12-16, 2010.

In short, this is the one event where you can not only listen to, but network, party and connect with the industry’s leading entrepreneurs and folks in social media, the web and internet industry.  We will be sharing much more in the next few months about reasons you should join us in Austin this coming March, details on logistics and more!

0817_SXSWPanelPickerFormulaThis year, we submitted a panel idea which made it through the initial stages of acceptance, and now we need your help! As you’ll see referenced in the graphic, the community consists of 30% of the final vote and that’s where you come in! Voting is easy, although the Panel Picker experienced some errors and hiccups earlier today but should be straightened out by now!

The panel is called “Don’t Move! Build a Startup Community Where You Live,” and we’ve teamed up with some real rock stars, including Jessica Rohloff of New Orleans, Jeremy Tanner of Boulder and Rick Turoczy of Portland. Being we couldn’t have 38 people on a panel, we had to narrow the list to some of the folks that we’ve worked with and talked to around the culture they’re building for entrepreneurs in their respective cities.

So, we encourage you to head over to the PanelPicker, take two minutes to register and make sure this stellar lineup of folks has the opportunity to present at this year’s upcoming SXSW festivities!

When you click the link above, here’s what you’ll find:


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