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Mentioned this Week: Jeff and Dusty’s trip to Boulder to learn about its startup culture, YPG Entrepreneurial Speaker Series in Lincoln next Tuesday, Creative Capitol Pitch Session III October 1st, BarCamp Omaha October 2nd & 3rd, explanation of BarCamp, thanks for voting for the SXSW panel we submitted, possible Big Omaha party at SXSW, winner of last week’s giveaway was [drumroll, please] Rahul Gupta

Interests of Last Week

8/30 – ReadWriteWeb.com/ReadWriteStart, Jolie O’Dell: RockDex Announces Merger, Fleshes Out Offering for Bands on the Social Web

9/2 – OWH, Paul Hammel: Heineman called ‘tech savvy’

9/2 – ReadWriteWeb.com/ReadWriteStart, Jolie O’Dell: For Your Voting Pleasure: Ten Startup-Related Panels from the SxSW Panel Picker

Event of Next Week

9/8 – YPG Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Intellectual Property forum with Shane Thielen

If you have any additional news or events that you’d like the SPN community to know about, please add it in a comment below (a link, date, time and location would be helpful).

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