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Startup Drinks at Nomad Lounge

StartupDrinksI’m pleased to announce that there will be a somewhat different event this week that is being organized by Tom Chapman of the Chamber of Commerce and the Cornstalks group: Startup Drinks at Nomad Lounge this Thursday (tonight) at 6:30 p.m.

The format for this event will be slightly different from what you’re used to at the monthly Cornstalks events. First, the month’s featured company will get to speak for one minute at the beginning of the program. This company will also have the opportunity to provide a one-page executive summary of their business plan to the start-up attendees. If you are interested in the chance to have your company featured at this event, contact Tom Chapman.

We hope to see you out tonight at Nomad Lounge!

Update: The event is free to attend. Basically, with the exception of the 1-minute presentation, the format is people interested in startups & entrepreneurship meeting up at a bar and chatting. Should be a good time!

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