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Andrew Marinkovich photographed tenants of Empty Room


This past May, the crew from Malone & Co. really impressed me when they photographed the events of Big Omaha. It was the first time I had encountered their work and I’m glad I did, I’ve since followed it on and off through their blog.

Their latest post came from Andrew Marinkovich, but I think I’m incorrect to call the subject of his post “work.” He presented a series of photo sessions with each of the Empty Room tenants, calling it a personal project of his.

From maloneandcoblog.com:

Over 6 months ago a group of creatives had an Empty Room. Instead of emptiness, they thought it could serve the community and other creatives if it was occupied (rent free). Who showed up? Unique artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, environmentalists, teachers, community supporters, bands, family and friends

Six months later the Empty Room has been transformed into a completely new idea each month. Andrew captured the changing space, and personalities within, as a personal project. Exploring new lenses and techniques, these are the memories of the experiment that is Empty Room.

Awesome concept by those that drove it- Bluestone Development, Secret Penguin and What Cheer. If you missed it, these are all local creatives that would love to share more of their work with you. Want to know more about it- I’d love to share the stories. You can still catch Organism through the end of the month in the Empty Room at 13th and Webster St (Saddle Creek Records complex) under 22 Floors.

Below are a few of my favorites. Visit maloneandco.com/gallery/andrew/EmptyRoom to view the complete set.

Clean Plate


String Thing


300 Square


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