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Lincoln YPG Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Agile Sports

1107_AgileA coach’s playbook is his Bible.

It’s a tome of knowledge, honed to perfection by decade after decade of stunning victories and crushing defeats. And when it comes time to pen another opus of X’s, O’s and dotted lines, it’s not unusual to draw inspiration from games long since played.

In many ways, John Wirtz is every coaches’ new best friend. Along with accomplices David Graff and Brian Kaiser, Wirtz founded Agile Sports in February 2006. The company develops software capable of archiving countless hours of game footage and several playbooks’ worth of diagrams with ease.

This Tuesday, Lincolnites will have a chance to hear Wirtz speak about his experience with Agile Sports, and how a trio of University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduates crafted a tool worthy of use by the NBA and the NFL.

“It seemed obvious to launch in Lincoln,” said Wirtz in a recent CNNMoney article. “We had a great network here, with investors and advisors nearby, and we found an awesome team of employees from Lincoln and UNL.”

What: Lincoln YPG Entrepreneurship Speaker Series featuring John Wirtz of Agile Sports. When: Tuesday, November 10, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Where: Brewsky’s, 201 North 8th Street, Lincoln

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