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SPN interviews Will Bushee of BrightPlanet

1105_BrightPlanetI had the opportunity to sit down with Will Bushee, the VP of Development of BrightPlanet, one of Sioux Falls’ great technology companies. BrightPlanet has existed in South Dakota for over 10 years and specializes in harvesting high quality content from the deep web.

Although BrightPlanet works with clients mainly on the East Coast, Bushee told me this company embraces its Midwestern roots and believes their background provides a unique advantage. BrightPlanet’s work ethic and “can-do” attitude allows them to find a solution for any client’s problem. If a client needs data from the deep web, BrightPlanet will find it

The deep web is considered content that resides in searchable databases and can only be found by a direct query. BrightPlanet works with many Intel-based companies and organizations to find content that was either unknown or simply could not be reached.

Still confused? Don’t worry I was too, so I asked Will to explain a little more.

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