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The top 20 most viewed posts of 2009

With 2009 in the books and big things in 2010 just around the corner – the launch of our redesigned site next Thursday – I’m excited to share with you our top 20 most viewed posts of 2009, ranked by number of pageviews. (Thanks to the folks at 37Signals for the idea for this post.)

As we prepare for next Thursday, we’ll be dedicating much of our time to behind the scenes work, and as a result our content volume may slow down a bit. But come the 18th, expect it to speed up again.

  1. Pillow Fight Flash Mob to Happen in Omaha This Saturday (June 17)
  2. MBJ’s “40 Under 40″ Winners Announced (Nov. 10)
  3. Creative Capital Pitch Session Finalists & Details! (Feb. 10)
  4. NetShops Rebrands as Hayneedle (Aug. 11)
  5. And the winner is … AnalogBlipBobGusWalter the Prairie Dog (April 29)
  6. Creative Capital Pitch Session – $1000 Prize! (Jan. 28)
  7. SkyVu Pictures Releases Battle Bears iPhone App (Sept. 1)
  8. SPN In-Depth: The Fate of Midwest Game Development (Dec. 28)
  9. SPN Talks With Jason Fried About Haystack.com (Oct. 29)
  10. The Boiler Room Update! (Jan. 25)
  11. Name Our Mascot, Win a Ticket to Big Omaha (April 22)
  12. Empty Room Omaha…Coming Soon! (Feb. 5)
  13. Creative Capital Pitch Session III: Lincoln, Here We Come (Sept. 3)
  14. SPN Interviews Malcolm Gladwell (March 23)
  15. Omaha Jaycees 2008 TOYO Recipients (Jan. 11)
  16. SPN Interviews Allison Bickford of Bickford Bakery (June 19)
  17. SPN Interviews Mary Ann O’Brien-Elkjer of OBI Creative (Feb. 9)
  18. Creative Capital Pitch Session II (June 19)
  19. 300 Square Gets Ready to Rock Empty Room (July 5)
  20. SPN Interviews John Gustafson of Ideation Ventures (Feb. 20)

Thanks for your readership and Happy New Year!

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