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PrairieCast: Dusty Davidson of BrightMix & Silicon Prairie News

This week, Andy Brudtkuhl and I talk with someone that many in this community know, Silicon Prairie News co-founder Dusty Davidson. Dusty talks about his experiences as an entrepreneur with both Silicon Prairie News and BrightMix, BrightMix’s Tripleseat product, what he’s learned as BrightMix transitioned from a consulting firm to a product company, and the best and worst things about being an entrepreneur in the Midwest.

In addition to guests, PrairieCast includes a “Week in Review” segment where we discuss the stories published in the Des Moines City Edition of Silicon Prairie News over last week and where we highlight the Des Moines-area events coming up this week.

PrairieCast can be streamed or downloaded from PrairieCast.com or by subscription in iTunes or RSS.

PrairieCast is recorded weekly at the 48Web Studios in Des Moines and is a co-production of Silicon Prairie News and 48Web.

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