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Berkshire hashtag: #BRK2010. @BillGates at #BRKtweetup?

When searching Twitter today for Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting chatter, there seemed to be quite the confusion over an agreeable hashtag for this year’s event.

So, since we’re helping to organize the unofficial Berkshire Tweetup tomorrow, I thought I’d step up to the plate and set the “official” hashtag:


Now that we’ve decided on the hashtag, help us spread the word on Twitter! #BRK2010.

Let’s also try to spread the word on tomorrow’s Berkshire Tweetup to one of the meeting’s most well-known Twitterers: @BillGates, a member of Berkshire’s board of directors.

Please copy, paste and send out the tweet below:

@BillGates Join me at the Berkshire Tweetup on Sat after the Formal Business Meeting. Details at http://spne.ws/8Ht #BRK2010 #BRKtweetup

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