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World-Herald spotlights three very accomplished Nebraskans

Resembling a ‘where are they now’ feature, the Omaha World-Herald‘s front-page story yesterday highlighted the lives of three individuals: a very early Microsoft employee, an astronaut currently in space, and an atomic physicist.

The big catch, and the reason it deserved the front page: the three were childhood friends in the rural city of Ashland, Nebraska, population 2,262.

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did. I think it’s quite fascinating.

Putting Ashland on the map

By Matthew Hansen

Published Sunday April 18, 2010

Not long ago, a man named Jeff e-mailed his old buddy Clay. He wanted to express a thought he’d been having, a thought childhood friends share after they collect diplomas, marry, establish careers, have children and go gray.

Doesn’t time fly? Isn’t life strange?

Jeff wrote: Forty years ago, who would have thought […]

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