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Green Bein’ Productions’ first game, Kid Command, nears official launch

After its impending official launch, the doors to Kid Command’s virtual world will be fully opened. Image above screenshot of KidCommand.com.

Some of you may remember the last time we chronicled the inner machinations of Green Bein’ Productions at the tail end of 2009. Well, the nascent video game company’s first product is about ready to break out of its beta cocoon and take to the skies of full release.

Collin Caneva and the rest of the team at Green Bein’ are expecting to launch the full version of Kid Command next month. According to Caneva, however, the added “full” moniker doesn’t mean production has ended. The game will never truly reach a point where it stops growing.

Kid Command is an educational environmental advocacy game which aims to teach children about the world around them without making it feel like work.

As Green Bein’ prepares to implement new software that will allow its staff to modify the world of Kid Command on the fly, the entire company is prospering from the enthusiasm that’s been steadily accruing throughout the office. In addition to video games, Caneva said Green Bein’ is branching out in new directions and taking on a number of auxiliary projects.

Check out the video interview below to hear Caneva’s thoughts as Green Bein’ approaches yet another important milestone.

Editor’s Note: Adam Templeton, this post’s author, recently wrote an excellent profile on Kid Command for Nebraska Entrepreneur: Kid Command’s Virtual World Inspiring Kids to Save Real One. If you’re interested in anything you read or viewed above, I encourage you to read the profile, as well.

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