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Tony Hsieh discusses Zappos’ culture, ‘Delivering Happiness’ book

Tony Hsieh poses after speaking at South by Southwest Interactive 2009 in Austin, Texas. Photo by Charlie Llewellin via Flickr.

About a week ago, I had the privilege of interviewing one of this decade’s leading entrepreneurs, Tony Hsieh. Prior to building Zappos into a company that Amazon would eventually acquire for 850 million-dollars, Hsieh co-founded and sold the internet advertising network LinkExchange to Microsoft for 265 million-dollars in 1998.

Tony’s passion and drive to build Zappos’ company culture is infectious and has since caused companies around the world to think deeply about the structure of their own culture.

One of the exciting things around the corner for Tony is the release of his debut book, Delivering Happiness, on June 7. I had the opportunity to read an advance copy and I think it’s well-worth the purchase when it’s released. Providing readers with a look at his early entrepreneurial adventures, it’s entertaining and motivational at the same time.

Enjoy the video and we are looking forward to Tony’s talk at Big Omaha later this week!

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