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Infogroup continues to license premium business content to Google

The leading compiler of local business and consumer information continues to work behind the scenes at their Omaha headquarters by powering Google searches with premium business listing content.

Infogroup has been licensing their their business information to the web’s top search engine since 2005, allowing web surfers to find relevant information with neighborhood business listings, maps, directions and useful web pages.

The company just renewed their licensing agreement with Google this month.

Infogroup’s database contains information on more than 14.5 million businesses in the United States, according to the company’s site. It includes the business’ name, address, phone number, number of employees, credit rating score, mapping/geo codes, years in business, sales volume and more.

About 1.5 million new businesses in the U.S. open each year, said Jim DeRouchey, president of Infogroup’s licensing division, and there are 1.5 million businesses that close down each year. 

Infogroup’s database compilation team is spearheaded by about 600 individuals who focus on data accuracy, therefore, making sure that new businesses are added to the data, while old ones are removed. 

“There is a lot of data out in the marketplace today, but I think quality is definitely a priority for both Infogroup and for Google,” DeRouchey said. “Our compilation methods and accuracy are some of the primary drivers of why they picked Infogroup.”

The company’s compilation methods only add value to Google and to the user experience, he said.

“They’ve been a great partner to work with,” DeRouchey said. “They’ve been very, very supportive of the work that we do.”

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