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Nebraska Film series starts Monday, August 9

As I mentioned in a post earlier today, over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting Nebraska’s filmmaking community, specifically those working to make feature films for the big screen.

To be honest, this industry is a bit foreign to us. Our primary focus at Silicon Prairie News is to interview and report on entrepreneurs and creatives in tech startups as well as the businesses that compliment those companies. But that’s at the heart of why we’ve chosen to undertake this series.

The idea: Let’s go out with video cameras and notepads and capture the stories of local directors, writers, producers, and other participants in Nebraska’s film industry. Additionally, let’s record their thoughts on the industry and learn what they think we need to do to move it forward.

We’re not sure if we’ll end up with six articles or sixteen (most likely the former), but in the end we hope we’ve shed light on the individuals, companies, and organizations that are moving Nebraska forward.

Look for the first article to be published next Monday, August 9.

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