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Big Omaha Video Series: Roger Fransecky of The Apogee Group

Produced by Silicon Prairie News. Video by Malone & Company. Post-production by Event1 Video.

After debuting our Big Omaha 2010 Video Series on Tuesday with Scott Harrison‘s moving presentation, we’re excited to bring you our second video which features visionary and business leader Roger Fransecky of The Apogee Group.

Fransecky’s insight, vision and leadership challenge served as a motivating presentation to open our first day of talks on Friday, May 14. We were delighted to have Fransecky, an Omaha resident, play a special role in the event.

This past April, in anticipation of his involvement in Big Omaha and his deep interest in growing Omaha’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fransecky contributed a guest post to Silicon Prairie News: Roger Fransecky shares thoughts on entrepreneurship & Big Omaha. This post serves as a valuable challenge for our community.

If you aren’t already receiving The Apogee Group’s newsletter, I’d highly encourage you sign up today at apogeeceo.com. Fransecky’s emails are filled with valuable stories and encouraging nuggets of truth.

Big Omaha is Silicon Prairie News’ premier annual event held each May to inspire, educate and connect entrepreneurs, especially those with an interest in the tech industry. Big Omaha 2011 will be held May 11-13, 2011 at KANEKO.

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