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GeoClip.it: A mobile app discovering deals around you

Screenshots of the GeoClip.it iPhone app, from itunes.apple.com.

Eliason Media, the Urbandale-based company behind Twittad, launched a mobile product last week called GeoClip.it. The product delivers deals (coupons) to users on their mobile device based on their location. Users can either open the application directly to see available deals or choose to be push-notified based on their use of other mobile products that tag location, such as Twitter and Foursquare.

James Eliason, the company founder, answered a few questions about the product for Silicon Prairie News:

Silicon Prairie News: What is GeoClip.it and how does it work?

James Eliason: GeoClip.it is a location based deal delivery platform currently available on the iPhone. A major part of GeoClip.it is giving the consumer the ability to set their preferences. After download and setting the categories you like we will deliver deals into the app.

Photo from twitter.com/jameseliason.

How does GeoClip.it fit into the overall EliasonMedia strategy?

Eliason Media’s strategy is provide technology solutions to brands, retailers and agencies. With GeoClip.it, we can white-label the technology for retailers and or agency clients for a complete mobile solution for their loyal consumers. This gives retailers the ability to deliver deals or content to consumers who have downloaded their app. We can also insert the GeoClip.it technology into the retailers existing mobile apps to provide the location based technologies that many retailers are looking at integrating throughout their marketing channels.

You launched with Yellowbook as your initial content partner, will you be adding other partners later?

Yellowbook has been a tremendous partner for us out of the gate. By partnering with Yellowbook we have deal content into GeoClip.it that will continue to expand over the coming months. Yellowbook recently launched their own group buy platform called WeForia, which is currently available in a few select cities. Yellowbook’s attention to providing small/medium sized businesses the tools they need to enter into social and mobile is what we were most impressed with. Through WeForia they have direct access to their millions of existing customers and their sales reps are on the ground already selling that platform. As retailers become more aware of that platform, the deal content coming from Yellowbook into GeoClip.it will increase substantially. Yellowbook is our sole provider of business information and deal content and we will not be adding anymore Yellow Pages listings into the app.

What’s next for the product?

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be adding in more deal content from Yellowbook. Currently, data is available in GeoClip.it for approximately 200 cities nationwide. By the end of the month we will have all content loaded in. We are finishing up the Android app right now and that will be available by the end of the month as well.

[We’re working on] adding in more deal of the day content from a whole host of sites including Groupon and Living Social. This will allow us to notify a consumer of a nearby deal of the day available based completely on their preferences. By the end of the year (if not sooner) we will be rolling out a web interface for customers to upload deals on the fly.  This will enable retailers or businesses to enter deal content on a daily basis, with that deal content being distributed to our mobile app and other partners. If a restaurant always has empty seats on a Wednesday night at 7 p.m, they can come onto GeoClip.it and enter “Half off your order tonight after 7 p.m.!” We feel like there is tremendous upside to that side of the business.

For more on GeoClip.it, check out James’ blog post about the launch at jameseliason.com.

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