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Omaha Creative Week opens with Caretakers Forum (video)

Last night, about 50 individuals gathered in KANEKO‘s Bow Truss Room (above) to take in the Caretakers Forum, the first event of the inaugural Omaha Creative Week. Led by myself (moderator), the 50-minute discussion began with an introduction of our four panelists, the defining of the word “creative”, and four questions about creativity’s measurement and purpose along with how those points relate to Omaha. It closed with a 30-minute audience Q&A.

It was a treat for KANEKO, the event co-host, and us to be able to bring these folks together and, just as we do on Silicon Prairie News, spur discussion. If you’re interested in the topic of creativity or the community of creative individuals and organizations that’s being built in Omaha, I encourage you to view the video below.

Caretakers Forum Panel (from left to right):

*France, although not one of Omaha Creative Week’s 11 caretakers, joined the panel to contribute his insights and viewpoints.

Caretakers Forum Outline:

  • 2:40 Introduction of panelists
  • 5:20 Panelists introduce themselves and give their definition of “creative”
  • 13:30 Panelists share why they’re involved in Omaha Creative Week
  • 18:45 Question: How do you measure creativity?
  • 25:30 Question: What’s the purpose of creativity?
  • 31:20 Question: How can we grow Omaha’s creative talent and activity?
  • 40:50 Question: Over this past year, what’s stood out to you in your field as a beacon of creativity?
  • 50:00 Audience Q&A

See Creative Week’s full schedule in our post: Omaha Creative Week: The Schedule (20+ events).

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