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Hayneedle launches the Foundary, a niche daily deal site

Screenshot of the Foundary, thefoudary.com.

Today, Hayneedle released its latest product offering into an exclusive beta. The Foundary (thefoundary.com) will be a “source for daily indulgence in coveted home essentials at up to 70% off retail,” the site’s FAQ page states. “Every day, Foundary members receive an email with new sales events featuring products to shape their homes – all at unprecedented savings.”

Here’s more from the Foundary’s About Us page:

The Foundary was launched by Hayneedle to further realize its vision of connecting people with the home and lifestyle products that are perfect for them. At Hayneedle, discerning customers can hunt down their ideal option in any of 250+ categories. the Foundary offers an immediate feast. Both offer the thrill of discovery.

To deliver on Hayneedle’s promise of true variety, Hayneedle buyers present a selection of such depth and breadth, that they inevitably forge strong relationships with merchants the world over. Many of these relationships are what make the unprecedented savings at the Foundary possible.

While daily deal sites* such as Groupon and LivingSocial Deals may pop into your head when you learn of the Foundary, it’s more similar to One Kings Lane, a site featuring home decor brands and designers at up to 70% off retail. The former two send subscribers deals of services and products in their city of residence, while the latter two send deals on home furnishing items for online purchase.

According to the Foundary’s FAQ, new sales events are announced daily and typically start at 12 p.m. EST. Each announcement includes 4-7 different events. For example, today’s announcement (left, screenshot of shop.thefoundary.com/event_194) has six different product selections: lamps, cookware, rugs, chairs, and fire pits. The majority of the Foundary sales events last three days, though some events may run as long as five.

With Hayneedle’s core of 120 speciality stores catered to home owners, at first glance, the Foundary seems set to compliment this model quite well. Of course, we’ll find out and learn more in the weeks to come. For the foreseeable future, the site will be in beta and, after speaking with the Hayneedle team, consistent daily events won’t begin until October 25.

Here’s more about the beta release, from shop.thefoundary.com/beta.

You’re here, which means you’re in the know. While the Foundary is pretty new – we just opened our doors on Oct. 15, 2010 – our team has been in online retail for years. However, newness can have its hiccups, so we could use your help.

If you notice any issues during this exclusive beta period, please let us know. We’d like to get everything cleaned up in time for your next visit. After all, we built the Foundary for you. And we plan on being here a while.

To check out the Foundary for yourself, visit thefoundary.com. Sign up is free.

Learn more about the Foundary on its About Us page, shop.thefoundary.com/aboutus and FAQ page, shop.thefoundary.com/FAQ.

*Update Monday, November 15 – Although labeled a “daily deal” site above, the Foundary should be labeled as a “flash sale site.”

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