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On the road again: Tahoe Tech Talk & Startup Organizers Summit

For the first time since South by Southwest Interactive this past March, Jeff, Dusty and I are all out of town for a few days. And literally, we’ll all be on the road again. (Quick story: We flew to Austin for SXSW last year, but due to a missed connection in Dallas, we rented a van and drove the last leg of the trip. In the photo above is Silicon Prairie News and BrightMix crew in the van.)

Take it away Willie Nelson! (Hit the play button now.)

Here are our itineraries:


Jeff’s in Lake Tahoe through Saturday morning for Vaynermedia‘s Tech Tahoe Talk. Yesterday, he flew to Las Vegas, then Reno and then hit the road for just over an hour to arrive at the conference venue, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. Our contributor John Meyer is there, too.

From tahoetechtalkconf.com: Tahoe Tech Talk is not another tech conference. It’s not just about assembling an outstanding lineup of speakers (though we’ve done that). It’s about creating an opportunity for true discussion.


Dusty and I are in Kansas City through Saturday night for the first-ever Startup Organizers Summit. We were honored and humbled to have been invited and so far it’s been very educational and inspirational. Shane Reiser (Startup Weekend) of Des Moines is also in attendance.

From sosummit.com: We are bringing together the people who are inspiring and supporting startups around the world for an amazing weekend of activities, workshops, and relationship-building.


If you’re going to be at either of these events, give us a shout in the comments below or on Twitter – @slobotski, @dustyd@dannyaway, and @johntmeyer – or at the event itself. We all look pretty much like we do in our Twitter pictures (my hair, however, has no curls currently).

To follow the chatter on Twitter around these events, see:

Update 4 p.m. – When posted, forgot to mention that our contributor John Meyer is at Tahoe Tech Talk, too.

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