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Silicon Prairie News subscription options: RSS, Twitter, and more

From time to time, we like to remind everyone of the various ways to consume the content that we’re publishing at Silicon Prairie News (SPN). We list some of our options on our subscriptions page, but we’ve recently added some additional ways to receive our content.

RSS Feeds

This is the most popular way for people to read Silicon Prairie News. Using an RSS feed reader like Google Reader, you can get the SPN content delivered to you every day. Each of our editions has its own RSS feed, as do contributors, tags and other things.


Email digest

Instead of using an RSS reader, its possible to get the Silicon Prairie News content delivered to your email inbox each morning. There is one email per edition, and it goes out roughly at 11 a.m.


The @SiliconPrairie Twitter account is a great place to keep up with the latest stories from SPN. In addition, we share relevant links from across the web that our audience might find useful.

Recently, we added accounts for each of our editions. These Twitter accounts are a great way to get the content specific to a region.

Twitter email digest

Relatively new to the list, we’ve added a “digest” version of our tweets. This is an RSS feed that you can subscribe to which will bundle up all of our tweets for that day. It’s a great way to see what we’re tweeting, all in one place.

SPN Twitter Digest RSS Feed



Last but not least, you’re welcome to simply visit the site each day for updates!

Thanks to all of our supporters for subscribing, visiting the site, and attending our events. We really couldn’t do this all without you. If there’s anything we can do to make our site easier to use, make our content easier to consume, or anything else, please let us know!

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