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BarCamp Omaha 2010: Jam session video, afternoon photos & more

Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron gives her talk, “Make it Pretty,” at BarCamp Omaha 2010. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

As I wrote in a post earlier today, BarCamp Omaha 2010 was an exclamation point to a great week on the Silicon Prairie. After startup funding and acquisition news this past week, we inside the Silicon Prairie News office were riding a high, and Dusty Davidson, co-founder of Silicon Prairie News was hustling like the rest of BarCamp Omaha team to set up for Saturday.

What went down on Friday night and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. was a successful day of talks, networking, collaboration and fun. Here a few tweets from the day-long un-conference that capture some of the activity (click on the user name for the original tweet):

See more tweets by searching: #bco10 OR #bco2010.

One of more memorable occurrences at this year’s BarCamp Omaha, and I believe will be a new addition to the annual event, was a lunch jam session, or as the organizer called it, “BarCamp 2010: The Musical.” In a blog post last Wednesday, Gabe Kangas made the announcement:

So here’s a call to all Barcamp participants who have access to any kind of simple, acoustic, portable instrument that is jam-able (hammered dulcimer, Roland 808: maybe not so much. Think hand drum, acoustic guitar, rain sticks, stand-up bass, iPhone, didgeridoo, you get the idea.)

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And here’s that jam session taking place (in opening frame, from left to right: Brandon Bone, Gabe Kangas, Mark Hinrichs, Dustin Trienen, Royce Haynes, Jacob Chadwick, and Matt Heller):

Lastly, here’s my collection of photos from the day. For more photos, visit the Flickr profiles of Andy Peters (flickr.com/photos/andyepeters) and Sam Clark (flickr.com/photos). And for the speaker schedule and open party pictures see these posts:

A retro welcome sign greets BarCamp Omaha 2010 attendees. On the left sits Stef Monge.

BarCamp Omaha stickers.

Lunch jam session.

More lunch jam session.

Mark Hinrichs, Gabe Kangas, and Brandon Bone participate in the lunch jam session.

Ryan Renner gives his talk “How to Get Your Local Business to the Top of the Search Engines.”

The audience captivated by Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron.

A view from the back of the audience.

Jonathan Kay of Grasshopper gives his talk “Future of Engagement.”

Leah Ashley of Leah Ashley Jewelry Designs gives her talk “Technology in Art: How I used tech in a different creative way.”

Alan Tipp gives his talk “Product Design Innovation.”

Rahul Gupta and Jessica Hutfless give the talk “East Coast / West Coast.”

The BarCamp Omaha 2010 planning team: Dusty Davidson, Megan Hunt, Matt Secoske, and Eric Downs.

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