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StartupMonth.org: What are you working on?

Or better question: What will you launch by November 30th? In early October, when Matt Secoske submitted a post – “Lets make November ‘Launch an App Month’, who’s with me?” – on Hacker News, a social news website focused on “content hackers might find interesting,” the response was overwhelming.

“When I asked people ‘who’s with me?’ on getting a startup out the door in the month of November, I was blown away by the response,” Secoske wrote in a post he submitted on Hacker News today. “It seems I hit a common nerve.”

Thus, StartupMonth.org. A website that has you take the “Startup Month Pledge” (I, ___________, pledge to build ___________ & launch by the end of ___________) and list your project.

“It seems that we all feel drawn to be our better selves when we have a common goal, even though we may be achieving it in different ways,” Secoske wrote today. “What was needed was a site that could help people be accountable for their goal, and draw them together to finish them.”

Secoske (left) owner of the Omaha-based boutique software development company Nimble Logic, launched the site with the help of Jake Stutzman of Lincoln-based Elevate and Jon Gilbraith of London-based ProfessionalNerd. Those two came on board after seeing Secoske’s first Hacker News post.

When I reached out to Secoske for a few comments around the StartupMonth.org and what he’ll be working on, he replied via email:

I have a number of side projects that I wanted to complete this month, in a (now obviously futile) attempt to reduce my workload. Most of those are on the back burner now so that I can put some focus on StartupMonth.org. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what all the things I’m working on are just yet. Stay tuned for that.

When asked about what will happen at the end of the month, November 30th, he replied via email:

We are working on sponsorship deals that could turn into prizes or giveaways. If any one is interested in helping with that, let me know. And, maybe we’ll do a recap or something. Just not sure yet. Thats like a whole 20-some days away!

To learn more about StartupMonth.org and its backstory, visit today’s Hacker News post:

Announcing StartupMonth.org (our November “Startup Sprint” project)

When I asked people “who’s with me?” on getting a startup out the door in the month of November (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1773398), I was blown away by the response. It seems I hit a common nerve. Amongst the […]

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