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Announcing our partnership with Juice

(Left: This week’s cover of Juice which features the Des Moines-based mobile development firm BitMethod, from left to right: Neil Roberts, Daniel Shipton, and Igor Dobrosavljevic. Image from dmjuice.desmoinesregister.com.)

When you’re out picking up a copy of this week’s Juice in your local central Iowa coffee shop or restaurant, make sure to flip to page 33 to see our latest partnership in ink, literally.

We’re excited to announce that from this issue forward, we’ll be providing a profile of one area entrepreneur to the magazine each month to be published in both their print and online editions (found at dmjuice.com).

For those that don’t know, Juice is a lifestyle magazine published by the Des Moines Register and distributed at no charge throughout central Iowa in the aforementioned coffee shops and restaurants as well as newsstands, bars and pretty much any place that it’s 25 to 35-year-old demographic gathers.

After talking about a partnership over the last several weeks, Juice’s editor Tim Paluch, suggested this week’s issue as the perfect time to launch, since the entire issue is themed around local entrepreneurs.

Check out our first syndicated piece on Hatchlings, Inc. founder Brad Dwyer, in Juice, “Entrepreneur Spotlight: Career Hatched as an Undergrad,” or on our site, “With Facebook app, Brad Dwyer hatches career as ISU undergrad.”

Also, see the cover story: “The Future of Des Moines: Sparking a tech boom.”

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