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Come Jan. 1, Jeff Slobotski & Geoff Wood: full-time Silicon Prairie News

Jeff Slobotski (left) and Geoff Wood (right). Photos courtesy of Slobotski & Wood.

As a co-founder of Silicon Prairie News, it brings me great joy to announce that effective January 1st, both Jeff Slobotski and Geoff Wood will be joining Silicon Prairie News in a full-time capacity.

Obviously both Jeff (as co-founder) and Geoff (as the first Des Moines contributor) have been intimately involved with the organization for quite some time. The significance lies in the fact that we’re finally to the point where their involvement with Silicon Prairie News no longer needs to be an “on-the-side” thing for either of them. This is a major milestone, as the increased bandwidth means a world of opportunities can now become reality.

Jeff will continue to do what he does best, with the title of Chief Community Builder. Geoff Wood will oversee operations for the organization as Chief Operating Officer, and will continue to contribute content about Des Moines and the surrounding areas. 

We have some very big things in store for 2011 (pun intended), and feel that Silicon Prairie News is poised and positioned to execute and continue to make a big splash. Though we’ve made great progress in a few short years, we recognize that we’re on the very tip of a 20-plus year commitment to building the Silicon Prairie’s startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem. With Jeff and Geoff on board we continue to build a foundation that will support this organization for the long-term.

At the end of the day, we consider Silicon Prairie News to be a startup no different than the amazing startups that we cover on a daily basis. As a startup, we take the same calculated risks that everyone does with regards to growth, hiring, focus and direction. We’re innovating in an industry (publishing) where it’s no secret that there are major issues. However, I’m very bullish on the future of journalism, and think we have an incredible opportunity with Silicon Prairie News to build something special.

The loyal readers and members of our community should know that our mission remains the same: Build community amongst the Silicon Prairie’s entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators. Everything we continue to do will be for the growth and visibility of the great people and organizations that comprise the Silicon Prairie News community. We remain committed the same way we were day one, and if anything, we will be able to serve you better going forward.

And so, I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store. Welcome Jeff and Geoff in your new roles, I can’t wait to see what 2011 (and beyond) will bring for Silicon Prairie News.

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