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Gordilla peels back new design

Screenshot of the Des Moines Gordilla page, from gordilla.com/des_moines.

Gordy, the Gordilla gorilla mascot, can now be seen in his natural habitat on Gordilla.com. The daily deal aggregator site – made by the same creators of the iPhone app with similar functionality, GeoClip.it – released a redesign of their website today which launched less than a month ago.

The site is, more or less, a re-bundling of the GeoClip.it data. “The deal content that we have coming through our GeoClip.it mobile app, is the same content coming through Gordilla,” said James Eliason of Eliason Meida in our December 4th interview with him (see: “Eliason Media stays in ‘daily deal’ game, releases Gordilla aggregator).

The redesign isn’t too drastic and it isn’t fully integrated. Eliason says there are still a few glitches to work out but he noted via email that “the biggest piece is that the design is much improved from the first version and will play a role in our marketing and promotion efforts going forward.” He also said that they made improvements on the quickness of deals loading as well as the site’s user interface.

Here’s a screenshot of their previous design:

Screenshot of Gordilla.com/Chicago taken December 2, 2010.

Although this story of a redesign may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I wanted to post it because of the approach Eliason has taken with regards to Gordilla. His goal was about pushing the product out there, seeing if it sticks, and then gradually improving the product over time, listening to both input from his team and users.

In our December 4th interview, Eliason said:

We publicly launched on the 29th of November but we have seen traffic on the site since we turned the site on and it began indexing on the search engines. That gives us a good feeling about where the deal space is heading.

Here are three screenshots and names of daily deal aggregators that Gordilla is up against (also linked to CrunchBase profiles if available):

Yippit (crunchbase.com/company/yipit)

The Dealmap (crunchbase.com/product/the-dealmap)


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