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Help us welcome our Spring Content & Event Intern, Brittany Mascio

(Left, our Spring Content & Event Intern Brittany Mascio. Photo courtesy of Mascio.)

When we put out our call this past December for a “Daredevil Intern” for these next four months, we received an awesome response, both in number of applicants received and quality of applicants. One in particular showed she was most fit for the job, even giving us a pretty convincing opening line in her cover letter: “The cape on my white leather jacket’s bedazzled with my name, ‘B-MAS.'”

“B-Mas,” or Brittany Mascio, is a senior journalism and mass communication major at Creighton University. Within her major, she’s focusing on three tracks: public relations, advertising, and news.

In the internship, Brittany will be assisting us with news and event production as well as public relations. In the coming weeks, you’ll likely see her out and about at events and on our blog. And if you attend a Creighton basketball game, you’ll spot her courtside in blue-and-white-striped overalls as she cheers on the Bluejays as a member of the Blue Crew.

A few more tidbits about Brittany:

Did I catch you by surprise on that last one? Yeah, she caught us by surprise, too. In fact, in my interview with Brittany I asked, “What’s this YouTube link listed on your resume?” “Oh, it’s the video of me rapping on stage with Matt Nathanson. I thought I’d throw that in there for a surprise.” She wasn’t kidding. And the song? Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself,” performed at the 2009 Iowa State Fair.

I’ll save you the trouble of searching for the video – meet our Spring Content & Event Intern, Brittany Mascio (tune into the 1:00 mark):

Pretty impressive, eh? Help us welcome Brittany to the team in the comments below or on Twitter, @bmas89.

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