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With planned focus groups, Xuba works to sprout Bloom’s growth

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In January, we reported on the beta launch of Xuba‘s first social commerce site, Bloom Circle (See our post: “Xuba Launch: Founder reveals their first site, Bloom Circle“). Since then, Bloom Circle has, well, blossomed and gone live as Bloom.com.

Whether they’re sidestepping down a department store aisle, racing to a drug store or taking a virtual stroll online, few women see shopping for beauty products as a walk in the park. Nailing down the products that work best, from skin tone to hair texture, can be an arduous process to say the least. But, Julie Mahloch, founder and CEO of Xuba, said the process shouldn’t be so hard, and what she has created through Bloom.com seeks to pacify the beauty product selection.

“I started [Bloom] to help women literally never buy the wrong beauty products again,” Mahloch said in an interview with KMTV’s The Morning Blend(Below: Screenshot of KMTV’s The Morning Blend interview)

Bloom is a social beauty store that offers an extension of beauty shop talk, where women can provide advice on products and share in an interactive community. The site seeks to put the right products in the hands, and on makeup brushes, of women without wasting time and money.

“We’re about women helping women find the perfect beauty products for them,” Mahloch said. 

Mahloch said women want products that help them look their best and often times don’t know what to buy, leaving most playing a complex trial-and-error gambit where in-store or mail-in samples only help so much. 

The site offers shoppers advice and feedback on more than 130 brands, and the free membership (still, exclusive to women) includes “Best 4 You” recommendations based on experiences had by similar beauty-matches. Bloom also offers a “365 Try it, Love it guarantee,” so if a product doesn’t work for the shopper, the site will help find something that does. 

To improve its services, Bloom will be hosting two local, social beauty focus groups that will take place in Omaha. Women will have the opportunity to try a variety of beauty products, complete a review and walk away with a few trials. At the upcoming events, participants of the focus group will receive free beauty products, wine and $25 Bloom Dollars to be redeemed on the site.

Bloom.com Social Beauty Focus Group at Brix

When: Saturday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m. 

Where: Brix (225 N 170th St. in Village Pointe Mall)

RSVP: Facebook Event (Recommended, not required) 

Bloom.com Social Beauty Focus Group at Nomad Lounge

When: Wednesday, May 25 at 4 p.m.

Where: Nomad Lounge (1013 Jones Street)

RSVP: Facebook Event (Recommended, not required)

To read more on Xuba and the how Bloom.com came to be, see our post: “Xuba Launch: Founder reveals their first site, Bloom Circle

To watch Mahloch’s interview with KMTV’s The Morning Blend, see: The Morning Blend videos: Bloom.com 

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