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Big Omaha Video Series: Leila Janah of Samasource

Leila Janah at Big Omaha 2011 – Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today, we’re pleased to share with the you the twelfth video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry.

This video features Leila Janah, founder and CEO of Samasource, a nonprofit connecting people living in poverty to work via the internet.

In her talk, Leila shared her vision and inspiration for starting Samasource and told stories from the field about the impact of her amazing work. One of my favorite lines from her talk reminds us of the power of the age we’re living in to not only affect change in our own backyard, but around the world:

“The internet reduces the friction of collaboration across all of these centers and time zones, and with a highly distributed workforce.”

By harnessing this power, Samasource has provided lucrative jobs to poor countries, while at the same time filling a need for corporations in the United States.

To read a recap of Leila’s talk, see our post:

“Big Omaha – Leila Janah: Providing ‘digital work’ to people living in poverty”

Leila and the team at Samasource continue to receive press coverage for the amazing work they’re doing to transform lives around the world from their headquarters in California. We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s ahead and for ways we can support the team’s efforts.

Please send your thanks to Leila via Twitter, @leila_c, possibly letting her know how much her presence at Big Omaha as well as the time she spent with the Big Omaha community meant to you.

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