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PrairieCast: Live at 2 p.m. with Willis Jackson

PrairieCast is live today at 2 p.m CDT for Episode 48. Our guest is Willis Jackson, a Silicon Prairie News contributor in Kansas City, the curator of the Silicon Prairie Startup Digest and an entrepreneur who recently left his “day job” to put a full-time effort into a new startup, ShownHome. (Left, photo by Malone & Company)

Our discussion topics are slated to include Dwolla’s latest milestone, Google Transit across the region and a UNL student competing for a $20,000 developer prize.

PrairieCast is a live podcast, recorded weekly, that features round table-style discussion of the top issues in startup culture and technology from across the Silicon Prairie region. Co-hosts Andy Brudtkuhl of 48Web and Geoff Wood of Silicon Prairie News are joined by a diversified group of entrepreneurs and others making an impact in the regional startup community.

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