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Vineme upgrade to enable uploading of photos from Facebook, Flickr

vineme announced Wednesday that vines, like this one of Startup Weekend Des Moines, will now seamlessly incorporate photos users upload to Facebook and Flickr. Screenshot from vineme.com.

Since vineme launched in March, one of the most frequent questions the creators of the timeline-based, social photo sharing platform have fielded has been about the ability for users to upload photos from other photo-sharing platforms.

Users, consider your questions answered. 

The vineme team on Wednesday announced to account holders it will implement the capability for users to upload Facebook and Flickr photos to vineme. vineme captures the date users originally uploaded the photo to the other platform plus any tags or captions they have associated with these photos. In an email to account holders, the vineme team said it planned to unveil the upgrade to a national audience next week.

As it rolls out the upgrade, vineme is also soliciting input from users on the feature. “As always, your feedback is important to us!” vineme said said in the email. “Please let us know what you think of this new feature and how we might be able to improve your experience on vineme.”

Wednesday’s announcement comes on the heels of another development of potential import to vineme. In June, Google trademarked the word “Photovine,” and earlier this month photovine.com went live. The site features an image of a mobile app and a brief description: “Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before.”

Silicon Prairie News checked in with vineme co-founder Josh Fleming (left, photo from twitter.com) to get his thoughts on those developments. 

Via email, Fleming emphasized a couple of points about vineme. For one, Fleming said, “vines are not necessarily unique to what (one) user uploads, but also what ALL users upload.” He also pointed out that vines are not limited to a specific moment or event and that a user can have vines that “span decades or event centuries.”

“At its core, the foundation of vineme is built upon a timeline,” Fleming said. “Layer that with tags, places and people, and that’s our unique point of difference. We don’t see Google’s Photovine talking about time at all.”

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