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Startup Weekend Omaha pitch pictures

Bobby Specht, right, leads the presentation for CollegeStartr, a platform for crowd-sourced college scholarships. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

With the publishing of William Fisher’s post today in which he lends his advice to the contestants of the recent Startup Weekend Omaha, it reminded me that I shot a bunch of photos of the Sunday pitches. I had planned on posting them the following day, September 19, but it slipped through the cracks that day and this past week. So following the “it’s better late than never” rule, here is a photo recap of the final pitches at Startup Weekend Omaha.

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Mammel Hall on the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s campus served as the venue of Startup Weekend Omaha.

Startup Weekend Omaha facilitator Thubten Comerford, far left, welcomes the audience to the final pitches.

Startup Weekend Omaha judge Tom Chapman, far right, tunes into the pitches as they begin to start.

Brian Ardinger pitches Paper or Plastic, a mobile game to break the ice at social outings.

Francesca Cutrera, far left, and Colin Roberts pitch Your Happy Plate, a mobile app for people with special dietary needs.

During the Your Happy Plate pitch, Cutrera demonstrated their Android app.

Gossip Closet, a social game that involves scanning of bar codes on clothing and sharing the items with your friends, demonstrated their mobile app.

With one team member in the back of the room, DJEveryone, a desktop app allowing the DJ to mix up the party by receiving feedback from guests in real-time, demonstrated their technology.

Showing off their Startup Weekend Game, Slouch Couch had fun in front of the Startup Weekend Omaha crowd.

A view from the top of the pitch room at University of Nebraska-Omaha as The Bob pitches their edible food skewer.

BedChair rolled out a prototype with a person testing it out during their pitch.

BedChair showed off the many add-ons to their physical product, a collapsable chair for your bed.

The Craniak team demonstrates their courseware gamification platform for educators.

SonaSeek demonstrated their website for creating customized resumes on personalized domains.

Cody Butler pitched CornFinger, a website to communicate, organize and show support for special causes.

The judges spent about five minutes in deliberation, eventually naming…

… Your Lucky Plate, the winners of Startup Weekend Omaha. (From left, Brian Fritzsche, Colin Roberts, Sandi Barr, Jon Burlingame, Trevor Savage, Mike Cutrera and Francesca Cutrera. Not pictured Barbara Heinlein.)