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Weekly Wrap-Up: f8 was great, but f9 was devine

With the trio of typical Weekly Wrap-Up hosts — Jeff, Dusty and Danny — scattered to the four winds — or Chicago, Lincoln and Boston, respectively — today, Brittany and I were left to tackle WWU episode No. 107.

And since Facebook made such a splash with its f8 announcements on Thursday, we decided to one-up the world’s foremost social network with “SPN f9” on Friday. What exactly does that mean, you ask?

It means you should hold onto your hats … because SPN Timeline is on its way!!! I kid, I kid. It basically means that I made a few lazy Facebook jokes. And that we wore vests. 

Astute observers who tuned into Facebook’s f8 Livestream may have noticed an alarming number of vests being sported by the broadcast’s hosts. Seriously, the vest-to-host ratio was astronomical. And for what? I mean, vests don’t keep your arms warm … and does your torso really require that much more heat than your appendages?

But I digress. Not to be outdone by f8’s swankily suited hosts, Brittany and I both dressed — or should I say “vest”? — to impress as we inVESTigated the Silicon Prairie’s top stories. Here’s what we covered in our review of the week that was on the Silicon Prairie. 

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