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BitMethod announces Change app, a new take on the point-of-sale system

October 13, 2011 by

The Change app homepage has a link to a survey in which interested parties can give their input on what they want from a point-of-sales system. Screenshot from

A group gathered at the BitMethod office tonight was served an early look at the vision of the two-year-old web mobile and web app development company to re-imagine and rebuild the point-of-sale system for independent restaurants and retailers.

Though neither I nor another Silicon Prairie News contributor was present, the unveiling of an app being called Change hit the Twitter stream and a tweeted link to its website reveals more of what the BitMethod team has in mind.

“Change will be a new restaurant and retail management system with an iPad-based point-of-sale,” the Change Press page states. “Data captured at the point-of-sale will integrate with a website customized for the business owner that lets them see what’s happening with the business, configure their menu and options, and integrate with software like QuickBooks.”

(Photo: Change developer Neil Roberts, far right, presents at tonight’s gathering. Photo by Jodi Stevens via Instagram.)

The Change site also states the system is currently in development with the help of the owners of Mars Cafe – which you may remember was an early merchant to accept Dwolla.

You also may remember in May we reported on a similar system, ShopKeep, being implemented by a coffee shop in Omaha. Then-owner Jeff Milewski said the iPad-based system was more effecient and worth the cost of the upgrade. Other startups offering a point-of-sale solution through a mobile or web-based app include Square and Vend.

“Change will be unique,” the Change Press page states, “in the way it integrates social APIs and third-party add-ons and services. Business owners will be able to customize their Change experience to have exactly what they need and nothing they don’t.

“For example, a coffee shop could deeply integrate FourSquare into their checkout experience, simply monitor FourSquare check-ins, or they could not use FourSquare at all. We are exploring a number of API integrations including Dwolla, Twitter, FreshBooks, and others.”

To learn more about Change, make a visit to, and stay tuned to further coverage from Silicon Prairie News.

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