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Live Blog: Immerse yourself in Portals, a live multimedia exploration

Wednesday night, a group of about 20 had the privilege of attending Omaha’s opening performance of Portals, a collaboration merging live performance with film, technology and social media, at KANEKO, an artist’s creative center located in downtown Omaha.

The 85-minute show featured a live solo performance by acclaimed violinist Tim Fain in front of a film featuring the music of Philip Glass and the poetry of Leonard Cohen. For the audience, it was a unique experience as Fain synced his performance with the pre-recorded performances in the film, which included Fain.

Tonight, that group (which includes me) will take part in a social media experiment as view the performance via Livestream at an off-site venue and throughout it we live-blog and share our perspective online.

In the words of KANEKO CEO Hal France: “Portals is about the way we communicate through social media.” So tonight, they’ve invited people who love social media to help them understand how this project could connect people to the arts.

Stay tuned to this post for updates about the performance and follow on Twitter:

  • #PortalsNomad – Twitter from the group as they view Portals via Livestream from Nomad Lounge
  • #PortalsKANEKO – Tweets from audience members viewing Portals in KANEKO

To learn more about Portals, visit thekaneko.org/portals.

Note: Silicon Prairie News is a media sponsor of KANEKO’s Portals event. 

Live blogging via Storify: storify.com/dannyaway/portalsnomad