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One week of remembering Steve Jobs: A Silicon Prairie roundup

From blog posts to makeshift memorials to dressing up like Steve Jobs, people of the Silicon Prairie have commemorated the Apple co-founder and CEO in many ways. Graphic by Danny Schreiber.

A week has passed since Steve Jobs died, and in that time tributes to and commemorations of the late Apple co-founder and CEO have piled up like so many bouquets and partially eaten apples outside Apple Stores around the world. The Silicon Prairie has been no exception, as people across the region have shared their thoughts and feelings on Jobs in a variety of ways. 

The very best way to express those sentiments is, of course, in the people’s own words. So, without further ado, we give you a roundup of how the people of the Silicon Prairie are remembering Jobs: 

Group gestures

Mourners created a makeshift memorial outside an Apple Store in Omaha the night of Jobs’ death. Photo from Andy Peters on Flickr

Personal reflections

  • Living in the embrace of life” SPN’s Jeff Slobotski reflects on how Jobs’ life serves as a reminder for others to make the most of their own lives. 
  • Think different” SPN’s Danny Schreiber gives his take on Jobs’ life and the news of his death. 
  • The Steve Jobs Influence” Nebraska Global managing principal Steve Kiene reflects on Jobs’ role in creating an industry and on two personal encounters with Jobs. 
  • Steve Jobs, my hero” Andy Peters of Ninth Division thanks Jobs for his life-changing work.
  • Steve.” Calvian Pappas of SelectOut provides a collection of his favorite photos of Jobs. 
  • Zaarly Remembers Steve Jobs” Zaarly team members share a series of short vignettes. 
  • Reflections on Steve Jobs’s Apple” Torsion Mobile employees offer their thoughts on Jobs.  
  • An Episode About Steve” On BitMethod’s podcast, The Flyover Effect, hosts Dan Shipton, Neil Roberts and Scott Kubie discuss Jobs with guest Jeremy Harrington. 
  • Remembering StevePart 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Jon Thompson of Evolve shares a series of interactions with Apple, including en email exchange with Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs & Christ Community Church” Robert Murphy of Christ Community Church discusses the link between Steve Jobs, the Think Different campaign and a project Murphy helped initiate in his workplace. 
  • Steve Jobs 1955-2011” Jon Thompson of Evolve pays tribute to Jobs by comparing some of the innovations Jobs helped bring about to their technological predecessors.

Media coverage

Note: This roundup features a sampling of the tributes we were able to track down from people across the Silicon Prairie, but we know it’s not exhaustive. If you have something worth adding to this post, please email us at editor@siliconprairienews.com.

* Updated Oct.13 at 9:15 a.m. with links to additional reflections.

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