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Sunday Video: Paige Craig on the importance of employee perks

As we kick off the week of Thinc Iowa, today’s Sunday Video Series features one of the nine speakers that will take the stage on Friday at the Temple for Performing Arts in downtown Des Moines.

The mission of Thinc Iowa is to provide a common ground for established corporations and startups. With this common ground present, the day-long conference will facilitate a discussion of how, for example, the two ends of the spectrum explore partnerships, share best practices and learn about the value of each others’ products or services.

In the case of Paige Craig, co-founder and CEO of the startup BetterWorks, he and his co-founders have set out with one goal in mind: “make work rewarding.” When he presents at Thinc Iowa, expect to hear him hit on some best practices of employee benefit programs he’s seen work in companies of all sizes.

“So here’s a secret on how to act like a Fortune 500 business on a small business budget,” Craig says in the video interview below from Docstoc, “you can provide perks to your employees. The best places to work aren’t quoted for their salaries, they’re quoted for the benefits and perks they give their employees.”

Check out the 1:20 video below to hear Craig give four strategies for employee benifits.

Video from Docstoc on YouTube

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