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Zaarly rolls out redesigned website, hints at ‘Zaarly Anywhere’

“Look ma, no sign-in!” – The new Zaarly website no longer requires visitors to sign-in to view offers nearby. It also moved the browse bar from the right to left side of the page. Screenshot from zaarly.com.

Zaarly announced a redesigned website Monday, rolling out changes that its Kansas City-based CEO Bo Fishback said improve the entire user experience.

Crediting user feedback in a company blog post, Fishback outlined the three major updates: ability to browse offers without logging in; redesigned browse map, realtime search and “my activity” features; and a mobile website to allow users on any mobile browser to post and respond to Zaarly offers (see it live at m.zaarly.com).

These changes coupled with continued press coverage, marketing ploys, ZaarlyU, founder appearances – the Huffington Post published a piece by Fishback today – and other promotions, show off the San Francisco-based startup’s strong push for user acquisition and engagement.

Two weeks ago, a ZDNet post stated Zaarly had 60,000 users. In an email interview yesterday, Zaarly’s director of product, Shane Mac, said it’s since risen and that Zaarly has a very high active user rate, which they define as a user who posts or fulfills more than one Zaarly.

Mac added: “Fulfillment is a much higher active user rate than people posting to Zaarly, which is expected.”

To encourage that posting, Mac said Zaarly has begun to put a greater emphasis on the “I want this too!” button to encourage more activity. (Left, screenshot from Zaarly in Omaha.)

Also on the horizon for a wider use of the Zaarly platform is a Zaarly API that would allow any developer to build on top of it. Mac said the team is currently “heads down” on the API getting it ready for something they’re calling “Zaarly Anywhere,” to which no further details were provided.

Mac revealed two more upcoming releases. First, a launch of hyper-local alerts, a feature that iPhone users can already make use of for offers within one-mile, but Mac said the next version will be “much more targeted and robust.” Second, Zaarly will roll out profiles and a reputation system that Mac said is “going to rock.”

For a startup that’s not even one-year old – first pitched at Startup Weekend Los Angeles in April – Zaarly has given the larger tech blogosphere and ourselves plenty of activity to cover, and it’s no doubt that there’s more ahead. In his company blog post, Fishback concluded: “We’ve now laid the groundwork to move faster, iterate quicker and build the marketplace that we know should exist, for you – but this is only the beginning.”

Also worth noting, Zaary has also picked up the domain with just one “a,” Zarly. Zarly.com redirects to Zaarly. (Left, screenshot from zaarly.com)

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