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CEO Graff shows off Hudl’s expanded digs in MTV Cribs-style video

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Hudl’s crib may not feature a 450-square-foot bed adorned with the Superman logo (a la Shaquile O’Neal’s) or an on-site helicopter pad (like 50 Cent’s). But, rest assured, the Lincoln-based startup’s space has its fair share of creature comforts.

Hudl, which makes web-based video and analysis tools for sports coaches, highlights some of those amenities in a video, released Monday, in which CEO David Graff provides an MTV Cribs-inspired tour of the startup’s headquarters in Lincoln’s Haymarket district.

Company culture, as Hudl CTO Brian Kaiser discussed in a February keynote at the Nebraska Summit on Entrepreneurship, is a focal point for Hudl. That shows in Graff’s walk-through of the company’s offices. A few of the highlights from Graff’s tour of the space, which Hudl recently expanded:

  • Sports memorabilia abounds. From pennants of teams that are Hudl clients to a “football wall” made to look like an actual field, there’s no escaping reminders of the niche to which Hudl caters.
  • Good grub is plentiful. Graff showcases Hudl’s kitchen, which is where the company’s different departments can intermingle. The company brings in lunch daily during football season and once a week otherwise. 
  • If those walls could talk … well, the conversation would probably be about company culture. Brightly colored walls are emblazoned with Hudl’s mission statement (“Help coaches win”), core values (“Dominate”) and marketing catchphrases (“Video editing sucks”). 
  • And last but certainly not least, there’s a Pop-A-Shot machine
You can see Hudl’s space for yourself by watching the video above, which provides a clever take on an MTV classic. But, Hudl, please don’t go getting any ideas about a Super Sweet 16 spinoff.

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