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New in 2012: Prairie Portraits to showcase fresh faces

As part of our tireless effort to provide Silicon Prairie News readers fresh and engaging content, we’re launching a new series to kick off 2012. Starting next week, we’ll bring you Prairie Portraits, a regular feature in which we introduce some of the less-recognizable but no-less-important faces of the Silicon Prairie.

While another recently introduced SPN interview series, Newsmakers, takes in-depth looks at the region’s CEOs, founders and other figures who tend to dominate the headlines, Prairie Portraits provides quick glimpses of other folks that we think SPN’s audience should get to know. Some of the questions will be timely and topical, others utterly whimsical. But with each Prairie Portrait, we hope to help you become a little better acquainted with the good people of our region. 

Below is a sample Prairie Portrait, featuring — who else? — our favorite mascot and spokesrodent. Based on the example below and the criteria above, please give us the heads up at editor@siliconprairienews.com if you or someone you know would make a good subject for a Prairie Portrait.

Name: Analog the Prairie Dog

Title: Mascot and Spokesrodent, Silicon Prairie News

Age: 3

City: Omaha, Neb.

Website: siliconprairienews.com

Twitter: @siliconprairie

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/silicon-prairie-news

Intro music: “Who Let the Dogs out?” – Baha Men

SPN: Your company, Silicon Prairie News, is currently hiring two interns and a full-time salesperson. What qualities do you view as essential for new members of your team?

Analog: We’re seeking people who love the startup community in the Silicon Prairie. They should have a big interest in technology, the commercial web and growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region. They should be energetic, hard-working and creative, to name a few key qualities. Oh, and dogged determination is always a plus in my eyes. 

SPN: As an honorary founder of a company that prides itself on culture, what do you do to make a good work environment?

Analog: I strive to create circumstances in which people can do their best work. So we do things like providing lunch daily, holding frequent company social outings and allowing people to determine the hours and places they work. Plus, the lax dress code is great. I mean, I never wear shoes, and I’ve sported the exact same sweater-vest the entire time I’ve worked here!

SPN: What other spokesrodent do you most admire, and why?

Analog: Well, he’s not a spokesrodent per se, but I really appreciate the work of the crazy honey badger. I mean, that guy’s absolutely tenacious about his work. The buzz about him is legit. He just don’t care. 

SPN: What’s the best piece of work-related advice you have ever received?

Analog: “Life’s a garden. Dig it!” That’s from Joe Dirt. It’s applicable both in my capacity with SPN and in my side-project, which is digging holes … because, you know, I’m a prairie dog. 

SPN: Team Jacob or Team Edward, and why?

Analog: Edward! The way he protects Bella from James and the other vampires, it’s just so valiant. I’m sorry, Jacob, but Bella and Edward are meant to be!

Photo Credit: Photo of Analog by Anna Jones | Art of Photography and Ikonix Studio.